Gatocon Part 7: Day Two

There wasn’t really that much going on with Day Two and had I not paid for three nights at the hotel, we probably would’ve left Sunday. However, we decided to check out Kingsville…..

Their mall is worse than ours….just putting that out there.

We get back to the con about 1pm and I grab these from an awesome vendor.

Kaylyn, Josh, Allison and Lewis are back at their table, so Jennifer buys her own Cybermat off of Lewis, aptly named Linkara.

The one with the pink ribbon and “I am a Man!” button is Linkara, as well as a better shot of Kyubey.

I bought some awesome pictures off of Allison! They will be going in frames.

We talk a little bit more and I told them that it was an honor to meet them and that they as well as TGWTG really got me out of the depressed slump that I had been in the year prior to me starting to watch them. I was nearly in tears, but held back. I did tell them that they were basically the only reason we came to the convention.

I did snap some more pictures of them.

This picture is called the “I’m taking this nice picture of Lupa when Linkara looks over to a TV and asks “Is that Sailor Moon?” to which Jennifer glances and replies “No.” We talk a bit more about Sailor Moon, well…Jennifer and Lewis do.

I then get this nice picture of Lewis and a Cybermat…with the GREATEST LUPA FACE EVER!!!! Seriously, this is my favorite picture.

Kaylyn was busy talking to another fan and I didn’t want to bother them too much, but I did get this great picture of Kaylyn and Josh.

After this, we wish all of them safe travels, I tell them again that it was an honor to meet them and we go back to the hotel to just laze around and relax before the harrowing trip the next day.